Antenna Space

Rack Space-Two feet by two feet by eight feet high (on 16th floor of building)

  1. Electricity Charge: applied per month per transmitter or receiver.

Antenna Space

  1. Parapet of roof- Transmitters, receivers and small dishes
  2. Level A (top of antenna tower)- Receive only antennas
  3. Level B (middle of antenna tower)- Effective radiated power (ERP) and vertical antennas only up to 20 feet long and no higher than 250 watts
  4. Level C (bottom of antenna tower)- Vertical antennas up to 20 feet long

Additional Information

  1. The lease is for five years with an annual rental increase
  2. At the end of five years, an option can be executed, but the lease rate will be at the then market rate.
  3. Each antenna tenant is required to have an insurance policy of two million in liability coverage.
  4. A one time antenna tower fee for antenna tower users only. Tenants will benefit by not having to go through the conditional use permit process and by saving the costs associated with obtaining a conditional use permit.


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